Echo Interactive Smart Desk

Echo is an interface design project and venture into non-traditional I/O methods for computational devices. Echo is intended for expanding the creative, engineering, and medical workspace.


Technology today operates in a very two dimensional way. We try to create three dimensional objects using a variety of two dimensional tools such as keyboard, mouse, tablets, styluses, and touch screen and it doesn't feel as natural especially when creating three dimensional objects and wanting to explore the multidimensional space.

The ECHO Interactive Smart Table serves as a possible solution to this hypothesis. It is an external peripheral that serves as a mirror output. It provides a more natural and multidimensional process in interfacing with applications and operating systems using motion and gestural sensoring technology.


Storyboarding, Wireframing, Interaction Design Strategy, Motion Graphics, Hardware Construction & Prototyping, & Video Editing.


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Professors. Matt Noe & Trent Edwards - Associate Design Director & Designer at Uncorked Studios (Advising)