My Essential Reads

Some of the books I've read in the past year that have changed the way I work, live, and view life.

12 Rules for Life
by Jordan B. Peterson

This book really shaped me into who I am today. Dr. Peterson's lessons provided me with great insight into living a purpose-driven life and to constantly place meaning over expedience in life.

Atomic Habits
by James Clear

Atomic Habits really helped me dial down my micro-habits and routines. Eliminating unnessecary actions, trimming the fat from my life, and replacing negative actions with positive ones. That little gains truly build up over time.

The Little Book of Hygge
by Meik Wiking

Life sometimes is all about the little things. This book gave me a greater appreciation for the Danish lifestyle and living a life of comfort surrounded by good company is sometimes all you need.

by Greg McKeown

You in fact don't need that much to be happy. There's truth to the "less is more" statement and living a life where you only possess what you need and not more, there's a sense of peace in that.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
by Mark Manson

I've been living in the shadow of others for so long and never realized how damaging it could be to constantly be chasing others. This book really helped me understand that sometimes, you just have to not give a f*ck and just do you. Go out and get it.

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man
by Brian Michael Bendis

You don't need super powers to be a hero. All you need to be super is common decency and compassion. You can be a hero by being a good friend, or telling your dad you love him, or by simply being brave while facing your fears. This book conveys that message brilliantly. That anyone can be a hero.

The Art of Living Vipassana Meditation
by S.N. Goenka

I traveled to India in 2014 and was introduced to Vipassana meditation. Since then I have actively incorporated it into my daily routine. It has kept me centered, balanced, and provided greater clarity in all areas of my life. This book is definitely a great starting point.

The Dhammapada
Translated by Ananda Maitreya

The Dhammapada is a book I carry with me in my bag, car, and persons at all times. It has always been there to remind me that life is suffering, but we have the ability to rise above it. It's a small book I flip through whenever I get a chance to send me back to reality.

The 4-Hour Workweek
by Tim Ferris

This book helped me manage my time and efforts as I continue with freelance work and even pursuing my side-hustles and personal projects. A must read for nine-to-fivers with greater ambitions.